• Getting Familiar: the ExecuteScript Processor - Groovy

    I came across a question on the nifi dev mailing list and thought it would make a good example solving a real world problem, building off of our previous ExecuteScript post. As a side note, since Elasticsearch uses json for their documents and the PutElasticsearch processors expect the flow file to be json, you could use the EvaluateJsonPath Processor to put the field you want as an attribute.

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  • Getting Familiar: The ExecuteScript Processor

    We’ve decided to start a new series for getting familiar with the different Apache Nifi services and processors, and I’m calling it “Getting Familiar”. We’ll try to post fairly often about different processors, using the controller services and configuring certain things in Nifi.The first one in the series will be about the ExecuteScript processor.

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  • Apache Nifi Release 0.7.0 Highlights

    Apache Nifi’s newest release is out, 0.7.0. You can grab the binaries from their site as always. So lets dive in and see what to look for in this release!

    As always, a bunch of bug fixes, but this time there are quite a few improvements.

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  • Apache Nifi Release 0.6.0 Highlights

    Apache Nifi release 0.6.0 and 0.6.1 recently and I wanted to go throught and highlight some of the key changes that may affect you Nifi users. So far Nifi has kept pretty well to thier 6 week release schedule that they have discussed. That’s a really agressive release schedule so we’ll see if they can keep that up once they hit the 0.7.0/1.0.0 release, which they say is going to actually be pushed back a little. The 0.6.0 release was again substantial with 52 bug fixes, 15 improvements and 7 new features. 0.6.1 didn’t take to long to follow with 11 bug fixes and 1 improvement. The release binaries are on the Apache Nifi download pageThe full release notes are avaialble on Apaches Nifi’s wiki page. The combined 0.6.* release information is below.

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  • Apache Nifi Release 0.5.0 Highlights

    Apache Nifi just voted on another release and have annouced and released 0.5.0, probably their most interesting release to date. This release contains quite a few big features that expand what nifi has to offer and also how you can use it; notably script execution in a flow. This new processor allows you to execute scripts in Javascript, Groovy, JRuby, Jython, Lua, and Python. To grab the latest binaries, go to Apache Nifi’s download page The full release notes are also available on Apache Nifi’s wiki page.

    This release is substantial and really expands Apache Nifi’s usablity, specificall for those users who don’t feel comfortable with Java. Lets take a deeper look at what else is included!

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  • Developing a Custom Apache Nifi Controller Service

    Controller services are shared between processors, other controller services and reporting tasks. Normally they provide access to a shared resource, such as a database or ssl context, or externally managed content. This post will cover the basics of a controller service through a simple example. This example will take a file path that contains one or more properties files, and provide a processor access to those properties. The full source is hosted on Github.

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  • Apache Nifi Release 0.4.0 highlights

    Apache Nifi kicked out thier second release since graduating this past Friday. With the release of 0.4.0, they are one step closer to a 1.0.0 release which will contain some very interesting things. While we look forward to the first big release of Apache Nifi, lets break down the changes in the current build. As always, release 0.4.0 is available on Apache Nifi’s download page.

    The release notes are available on Nifi’s confluence page and a quick highlight can be found below. First lets just say, this is the biggest release so far, with almost double the amount of bug fixes, and over double the amount of improvements and new features!

    • General UI improvements to usability
    • Multiple Authentication Mechanisms
    • New Provenance event types and ability to searh provenance events
    • Idle CPU usage was reduced
    • New Processors!
    • Improved OS support

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  • Apache Nifi Release 0.3.0 highlights

    Apache Nifi released their third release, 0.3.0 since graduating to a TLP. It was a minor release but still included a descent number of changes.

    Release Highlights according to nifi can be found on their confluence page, but are also listed below.

    • Performance improvements in handling large volumes of small files.
    • Performance improvements in Provenance repositories.
    • Added Reporting Task for ApacheTM AmbariTM.
    • Improved stability of nifi bootstrap.
    • Added Processors for working with images.
    • Support for interacting with Kerberos enabled Hadoop clusters
    • Added additional Avro capabilities - merging datafiles & converting to json
    • Added processors for performing INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements against relational databases

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  • Apache Nifi Graduation

    Apache Nifi graduated from a podling to a top level Apache Software Foundation project a few months ago, which is great news! Congratulations to the NiFi team and all the contributors to making Apache Nifi great and meeting the requirements to move from an incubating project to a top level project.

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  • Developing a Custom Apache Nifi Processor-Unit Tests (Part I)

    The Apache Nifi framework has built in unit testing with Junit using test runners. They have a few examples in their code base, but learning first hand really helps. In this post we’ll go over adding unit tests to the JSON Processor that we developed previously.

    To start, we’ll checkout the JSON Processor code from Github and then open it up in your favorite text editor. There is already a test package/folder in the project that contains a unit test, rocks.nifi.examples.processors/

    When unit testing in Apache Nifi, there are a few items on top of the normal JUnit annotations that are required. While you can unit test with just JUnit, using the built in method in Apache Nifi makes it much easier. In a future post we’ll show you how to unit test using Mockito and JUnit to test helper methods where actually invoking a full processor seems excessive, or if you just don’t want to use Nifi’s test runner.

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