Apache Nifi graduated from a podling to a top level Apache Software Foundation project a few months ago, which is great news! Congratulations to the NiFi team and all the contributors to making Apache Nifi great and meeting the requirements to move from an incubating project to a top level project.

So…what does this mean?

If you are not familiar with Apache, new projects are first accepted into the Apache incubator. A list of these type of projects can be seen on Apache’s Incubator Page. The move from a podling, a project that is in incubation, to a Top Level Project (TLP), means Nifi can be taken more seriously and now has Apache behind it. It’s not just some pet project where a guy decided to give out his source code; It is an Apache TLP, with the likes of Hadoop, Cassandra, etc.

So congratulations to Apache Nifi, looking forward to what will come next!