Apache Nifi Record path allows dynmic values in functional fields, and manipulation of a record as it is passing through Nifi and heavily used in the UpdateRecord and ConvertRecord processors. This is a short reference to find useful functions and examples. For a full reference see the offical documentation.

Examples will reference the below sample.

  "A":" A-value",
  "B": {
    "B-1": {
      "B-1-a": "B-1-a Value",
      "B-1-b": "B-1-b Value"
      "B-1-c": "B-1-c Value"
    "B-2": "",
    "B-3": "     ",
    "B-4": "#"
  "C": "C-value"

Node Access

The basic rules for xpath or jsonp is generally followed.

/direct child
[3, 0..3, 2..-1]array filter
['child','child2']map filter
[filterFunction('attr1')]filter using functions

Filter Predicates

= (equals)
!= (not equals)
> (greater than)
>= (greater than or equal to)
< (less than)
<= (less than or equal to)


/A[. = 'A-value']All "A" nodes with "A-value"
/A[../C != 'C-value']All "A" nodes with a sibling "C"
that does not equal "C-Value"

Filter Functions

The general format for using filters is /node-selector[filterFunction()].

/path[contains(path, 'str'|path)]/A[contains(., '-')]
/path[matchesRegex(path, 'regex')]/*[matchesRegex(., '.*value')]
A & C
/path[startsWith(path, 'str')]/A[startsWith(., 'A')]
/path[endsWith(path, 'str')]/A[endsWith(., 'value')]
/path[not(filter)]/A[not(contains(., '-'))]
/path[isEmpty(path)]//B-2[isEmpty(.)] true
//B-3[isEmpty(.)] false
/path[isBlank(path)]//B-2[isBlank(.)] true
//B-3[isBlank(.)] true

Type Conversion

Coerces from one format to another

toString(path, format)toString(/byteValue, "UTF-8")
toDate(path, format)toDate(/dateValue, "yyyy-MM-dd")
toBytes(path, format)toBytes(/stringValue, "UTF-8")

String Manipulation

substring(path, start, end)substring(/A, 0, 1) 'A'
substringAfter(path, str)substringAfter(/A, '-') 'value'
substringAfterLast(path, str)substringAfterLast(//B-1-a, 'a') 'lue'
substringBefore(path, str)substringBefore(/A, '-') 'A'
substringBeforeLast(path, str)substringBeforeLast(//B-1-a, 'a') 'B-1-a V'
replace(path, str, str|path)replace(/A, '-', //B-4) 'A#value'
replaceRegex(path, search, replace)replaceRegex(/A,
'(-)', '$1#') 'A-#value'
'\s+<named>(.*)', 'xx${named}xx') 'xx-valuexx'
concat(path, str|path...)concat(/A, ' and ', /B) 'A-value and B-value'
fieldName(path)//*[fieldName(.) = 'B-4'] '#'

Format Date

If a node is of type date it can be used directly, if not utilize the toDate function.

format(/path, format)format(toDate(/dateValue, "yyyy-MM-dd"), "MM-dd") '01-01'

Encode/Decode Functions